Friday, November 12, 2010

We've been gone

I've mentioned before that we were gone last week. I'll post pictures later but wanted to let you know where we were. :)

Wednesday: I had Chris take the afternoon off so we could leave early. We went to Ellensburg for the night.
Thursday: We got up and went to Dakota Cafe to get berry sweet rolls (YUM!!!!!) and coffee. Then we went to Mom's work to eat them so we didn't get the new leather heated seats sticky. Then we went to Spokane to Jena and Moktar's house.
Thursday-Sunday: In Spokane hanging out with the Batibure's!!!
Sunday: Alea's 4th birthday party and then we headed back to Ellensburg
Monday: Chris had a dentist appointment in Ellensburg, then we headed home.

It was a lot of driving but it proved to be a good idea to break it up like we did. We definitely don't see Jena, Moktar and Alea (and Jena's whole family) enough. Love you guys!!!!

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  1. We love you guys to! -Batibures-



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