Sunday, September 29, 2013

Misc Carver Pics

Photo Dump

July 2013 fun in the car

 Best friends and our families
 Chris's best friend's son (exactly one month older than McKay)

Monday, September 23, 2013

12 weeks and 2mo dr appt

So I'm going to post this and try to update later. 

McKay's 2mo appt got scheduled more towards 3mo so we'll be a little behind in her shots. She's healthy and no concerns. Poor girl got five shots and an oral vaccine. She's been super fussy all day and her legs really hurt her. :(
Carver wanted to cuddle her to sleep. Too bad she'd cry every time he touched her. :( he loves her do much. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 week pictures

 Chris' best friend's wife and son came out for a visit from North Dakota. Nolan is exactly a month older than McKay and it was so nice to see Emily and meet Nolan.
 Look at that size difference!! McKay is 3-5th percentile and Nolan is in the 80th!
 Nolan wore her out haha

 Love these toes

5 week pictures

Five week old pictures. This is what I woke up to one morning. She loves to sleep next to me and its really convenient. We do have a co-sleeper that sits on the bed but she has a hard time falling asleep in it. She's just a snuggle-bug ;)
 First time in a full newborn outfit. It's the only one that fit too!
 Carver loves his sister and she adores him. He asks to hold her at least once a day.

4 week pictures

Here's the pictures from when she was 4 weeks old. She' still in preemie clothes but slowly growing out of them. The problem is that newborn clothes are still way too big.

 Side by side comparison with a picture of Carver at 4wks. It's crazy how much they look alike!
 Deep in thought and loving nakey-time :)

3 week pictures

Well, I twisted my ankle this morning so McKay and I are laying low on the couch while Carver is at hi cousin' house. So I'm going to try to get this blog more up to date with pictures.
 Sweat curls. LOVE!
 Chilling in the carseat. So happy that she doesn't mind being in there.
 Our first out of town trip was to Spokane to see my friend and do a Thirty-One show for her. This is her 18mo old son, Alijah. He couldn't stop kissing McKay and wanted to hold her all the time. Time for #3 Jena? ;)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The first two weeks

After we got home from the hospital Chris had to go to work for a couple hours. Mo stayed until Chris  got back and the she had to go hoe. She came  back with Charlie for the weekend though.

Kim, my sister-in-law, asked if Carver could spend they day with them for the 4th and he was all over that! He really needed the attention and even called around lunch time and asked if he could stay all day. It was so cute! So Chris and I ran into Tacoma to go to Carters and get McKay some preemie clothes. She's so tiny that all the newborn clothes that we have are too big! It was perfect timing because Carters was having a huge sale that day so we got $120 worth of clothes for $40! Score!! Kim brought Carver home around bed time and Chris and Carver lit off a few fireworks before bed.

We didn't do much that week; just hung out around home. Carver started acting out a little to get our attention and we're still working through that but we're more conscience about doing things that he wants and spending one on one time with him.

McKay had her first doctor appointment that Friday the 5th. She weighed 6lb 6oz and was 18.5in. The doctor said to not wake her up during the night to eat. It was really difficult to wake her up and keep her awake to eat. She would sleep from Midnight to 7-8am. I was concerned that she was missing a feeding but the doctor said to let her sleep and be sure to keep her on a schedule during the day.

Mom and Charlie came back on Friday and spent the weekend. I had a nail appointment Saturday morning so they came with me and walked the mall with Carver and McKay. Mom needed to find an outfit for a wedding and Carver was a big help. :)

My Gramma Pat came over to hang out on Monday the 8th and it was nice to just have her here in case I needed help with anything.

McKay had to retake her PKU test on Friday the 12th and that was hard for Carver to watch. He didn't like that it took so long and McKay was crying so much. He gave her a big hug and kiss and was better. He's such a great big brother :) She'll start crying in the car and he'll sing her a song and she'll instantly stop crying and listen to him.

We needed to get out of the house on Saturday so we headed to the zoo. It was great to get out and Carver loved it! We made it to church and it went pretty well. Chris and I sat in the foyer with McKay for the last 10 minutes but she wasn't even that bad. It was good to get back into a routine and I know that everyone at church loved seeing her. :)

McKay had another appointment on Monday (the 15th) and she was still at 6lb 6oz. The doctor was mildly concerned but after I told him that I'd been having issues nursing he understood. I had blisters and cracks on both sides so I was pumping and using the shield to help them heal. That day was the first day that I didn't need the pump or shield to nurse on either side and I felt like that was a turn for the better. We still have to go back next week (this coming Monday) for another weight check but we're hoping that that was the problem.

Carver had his 4yr appointment on Wednesday and he DID NOT want to go to it. He knew that he needed shots and really didn't want to get them. So I took him to breakfast at Starbucks and got a cake pop for him to have after his appointment. He was awesome during the whole appointment and answered all of the doctor's questions. He was super brave for the shots... but I'd never heard him scream like that before. It broke my heart! I held onto him while she did two shots in each leg and it was the most painful cry I'd ever heard. Once we left, I got the idea that we should maybe just go to Menchies for lunch and Carver was all over that. :) His legs were hurting him but he wouldn't lay down or take any Tylenol to make it better.

When I checked on him that night, he was running a mild fever but he still wouldn't take anything. So I put a cool towel on his neck and Chris checked on him a couple times during the night. When he woke up the next day he actually took the Tylenol and that helped a lot.

That's about it so far! We've just been hanging out around the house and adjusting to having another baby. It's still hard to believe that she's ours. :)


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