Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 week pictures

 Chris' best friend's wife and son came out for a visit from North Dakota. Nolan is exactly a month older than McKay and it was so nice to see Emily and meet Nolan.
 Look at that size difference!! McKay is 3-5th percentile and Nolan is in the 80th!
 Nolan wore her out haha

 Love these toes

5 week pictures

Five week old pictures. This is what I woke up to one morning. She loves to sleep next to me and its really convenient. We do have a co-sleeper that sits on the bed but she has a hard time falling asleep in it. She's just a snuggle-bug ;)
 First time in a full newborn outfit. It's the only one that fit too!
 Carver loves his sister and she adores him. He asks to hold her at least once a day.

4 week pictures

Here's the pictures from when she was 4 weeks old. She' still in preemie clothes but slowly growing out of them. The problem is that newborn clothes are still way too big.

 Side by side comparison with a picture of Carver at 4wks. It's crazy how much they look alike!
 Deep in thought and loving nakey-time :)

3 week pictures

Well, I twisted my ankle this morning so McKay and I are laying low on the couch while Carver is at hi cousin' house. So I'm going to try to get this blog more up to date with pictures.
 Sweat curls. LOVE!
 Chilling in the carseat. So happy that she doesn't mind being in there.
 Our first out of town trip was to Spokane to see my friend and do a Thirty-One show for her. This is her 18mo old son, Alijah. He couldn't stop kissing McKay and wanted to hold her all the time. Time for #3 Jena? ;)


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