Friday, January 27, 2012

My doctor appointment yesterday

I had a dr appointment yesterday and it was all good news!!! The first thing my dr said when he walked in was "I've been looking forward to seeing you! There's a lot of people in my circle praying for you." We heard Noah's heartbeat and he said that I would go around the end of March!!! He said to count on 38 weeks and to not worry about going into labor before that. It's still a possibility but it's so slim to not count on it. He'll start checking me at 36 weeks and if I don't go into labor before then, we'll talk about an induction at 37-38wks. I also passed my glucose test with flying colors (I'd been worried because I've been craving sugar lately). Throughout the whole appt my Dr kept saying that God has something special planned for Noah. That we know the medical outcome of this but who knows what God has in store for us. I walked out of there so energized!!

So, I'm changing my prayer request to:
Getting to 37-38wks gestation.
I'm still going to make a birth plan so strength for that.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I just figured out when I would be 34 weeks and that would be the week that my mom and her husband will be in Hawaii. Well shoot!!! Now I want to make it to sometime in March. The 10th sounds good for some reason.

I'm in the process of creating a birth plan which has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. We also still need to look into funeral homes. I've talked to a photographer at our church who has offered to take pictures for us. She used to be a NICU nurse so that will help. That's one less thing to think about. I need to pack our hospital bag too. :/ It's crazy that this all could be happening in the next few weeks. I'll be 30wks on Friday and that kinda freaked me out when I realized that.

I was looking at some websites that specialize in preemie clothes (Noah's expected to be small) and they're expensive! I'm going to head to Target or Fred Meyer later today to see if I can find something for him. The most important thing is to find a hat and onesie. I don't think we'll need much else.

Other than that, we're just hanging in there.

That I make it to March
That we have everything prepared for when the day comes
That I can finish the birth plan with minimal tears/heart ache

Friday, January 20, 2012

29 Weeks

No pictures today. We're in the middle of a snow/ice wonderland. To only be at 200ft above sea level and have 6 inches of snow with a good coat of ice over it is pretty amazing. It warmed up today so it was starting to get a little slushy today but it's most likely frozen again by now. We've tried to not go out any more than we have to. Not because we don't know how to drive it it - because we definitely do - but there are some CRAZY drivers out there!!

I was supposed to go on a girls trip to the ocean this weekend but it got rescheduled because of the weather. There's actually snow on the beach!!! However, the only two dates that the cabin is open is Feb 2-4 and arch 9-11. A majority of the women going were able to go in March so that's when they changed it to. I'd be 36wks at that point so I won't be able to go. I'm a little bummed but totally understand.

Here's my stats for this week.
  • How far along are you? 29 weeks

  • Total weight gain: up 18lbs, plus whatever since my last appt

  • How big is baby?: I'm not keeping track anymore but he's definitely getting big!

  • Maternity clothes: same... except for this snow storm. I've been in pajama pants and a shirt pretty much the last few days. haha

  • Stretch marks?: No new ones.

  • Sleep?: Really good until about 5ish when Carver wakes up fussy and gets in bed with us. He's going through a separation anxiety with me right now.

  • Best moment this week?: The SNOW!!!

  • Movement?: Pretty consist - in the morning between 7-8am while I'm still in bed, and then in the evenings. He moves throughout the day but those times are when he's most active.

  • Food cravings?: Lattes :/ I'd have one every day if I could.

  • Food aversions?:Carrots. They make me sick - literally. It's really sad because soup sounds so good but all the cans we have have carrots in them and I don't want to chance not feeling good afterwards.

  • Labor signs?: nope. Thankfully!

  • Belly button in or out?: Slowly disappearing but has been trying to poke out the last couple nights.

  • What I miss: my Dr Pepper

  • What I'm looking forward to: Getting the results from my glucose test.

  • Milestone: We're getting towards the end. I'm kinda freaked about that. I just realized last night that I was 29 weeks and will, potentially, only have about 5 weeks left (if I get to 34 weeks).

  • I read somewhere that the reason people with this diagnosis go into labor early is because of excess amniotic fluid. I don't know how true or how common that is but that gives me more hope that I'll go more full-term.

    Friday, January 6, 2012

    Silly boy!

    Here's some random pictures from before Thanksgiving. He's just being a silly boy.

    An ornament I made.

    27 Weeks

  • How far along are you? 27 weeks

  • Total weight gain: up 18lbs, plus whatever since my last appt

  • How big is baby?: I'm not keeping track anymore.

  • Maternity clothes: all tops and then yoga pants, leggings and occasionally my non-pregnancy jeans (not the most comfortable but I'm really stubborn about not buying maternity pants)

  • Stretch marks?: No new ones.

  • Sleep?: Well, Chris is sick so he keeps me up, plus getting up to go to the bathroom. But other than that, really good!

  • Best moment this week?:Getting all the crazyness with Christmas and wedding over with.

  • Movement?: He's gotten a lot stronger in his kicks in the last couple weeks. He's definitely a strong little boy!!! I felt his thigh a couple nights ago. It was pushing on my upper belly. It was pretty cool. :)

  • Food cravings?: Sweets still. I'm trying to cut back since I have to do my glucose test around the 12th. NOT looking forward to that. :(

  • Food aversions?:Carrots. They make me sick - literally.

  • Labor signs?: nope.

  • Belly button in or out?: Slowly disappearing

  • What I miss: my Dr Pepper. I know I can have it but I'd rather not get back into it.

  • What I'm looking forward to: Getting the glucose test over with - and passing it!!

  • Milestone: I'm officially in the 3rd trimester.
  • At my last appointment, the Dr said that I could go into labor at any point (he's not expecting me to though) which kind of scared me. I really want to get to at least 34 weeks. For some reason 34wks has stuck in my mind. I'm going on a girls weekend to the ocean (about 2.5hrs away) the 20-22nd of this month. My Dr said to go ahead with the trip but I'm nervous. It's too soon to go into labor. This little boy needs to stay in longer.

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Pictures from our Christmases

    Before I get to the Christmas pictures, here's a belly picture from Dec 26th at 25wk 3days.

    Here's the pictures from two of our six Christmases. It was really hard for me to take pictures; I just wanted to enjoy everything.

    Here's the Christmas with my mom and brothers.

    He got to open one present the night before.

    This is what he opened.

    Maggie wanted to get in on the action

    So much concentration

    Opening his HUGE box!!

    Working under the hood

    Checking out the progress. He was so patient while everything was getting assembled.

    Uncle 'Duck' (Jake) working hard

    The first thing Carver checked on Christmas morning was the cup of milk, candy and carrots we left out for Santa and the reindeer. The look on his face when he saw that they were all gone was PRICELESS!!! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it.

    Mickey Christmas cup. He also got a Mickey travel mug that we promptly filled with hot cocoa. :)

    He got his own pair of scissors (in the shape of a monkey, no less!). Now he can stop stealing mine!

    Reach your arm in there!

    Nothing left mama!

    What a look in his eye! He's in LOVE with his chainsaw!!

    A toolbox to hold all the tools for his workbench.

    Some of the tools it came with.

    His new bobcat. It's an actual toy so this one shouldn't break as easily.


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