Friday, August 19, 2011

An Update... of sorts

The problem, is that there isn't much to update about. Summer's finally taken hold here and we've been busy with work, farmers market and life. Carver's growing before our eyes and it's mind-boggling.

For the month of July, we were gone every weekend whether it was for a night of five. So for August we decided that we wanted to stay home as much as possible. We've been home every weekend and it's been so nice to relax! My mom came over two weekends ago to help me out at the farmers market. She's coming back over tomorrow to go shopping with her sisters and then we're going to the zoo on sunday. :)

Our next big event will be labor day weekend. We'll be in Ellensburg for the fair and rodeo. Labor day is also Chris' birthday so we'll do something for him too.

Hmm... I think that's it for now. I'll definitely be getting more pictures on sunday so I'll update on that. Thanks for sticking around through this slump in blogging. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Prayer Request

A sweet family lost their 7 month old last night. Please pray for their family. If you'd like to see their blog, click here.

Baby Ruby had Caroli's disease/syndrome. This means there were several cysts, one being as large as 20% of her liver, that were blocking here biliary tree. They kept bile from leaving the liver as it should to digest food, etc. As it sat in her liver, it was damaging it, and leaving it very scarred. There was also risk that these pockets of bile could become infected.

I can't fathom what they are going through right now. No one should out live their children. My heart is breaking for them right now.

Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo-Zoo-Zoo. How about You-You-You?

Ummm.... wow. I didn't realize it's been this long between posts. Sorry. :( We've just been chugging along. The farmers market has been keeping me pretty busy.

Carver got a zoo pass for his birthday so we decided to go (on July 24th) since summer has finally started to show it's beautiful face. :) I always feel weird taking pictures at the zoo so here's the few that I got.



We did the kid area at the end and all Carver really wanted to do was the slide. First time down, he was with Chris and it was great. The second time, Chris decided to let him go by himself and the slide was too hot for his little legs. :(

I have a couple other things to post on but that'll have to be later. Carver's commanding my attention. haha


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