Friday, November 19, 2010

Only one month left until...

... Carver is 18 months old. :( He's officially 17mo old today. He's becoming more 'little boy' than 'baby'. It makes me sad but I LOVE the stage he's at now. He interacts with you and responds when you talk to him. Here's our conversation in the car tonight...
*Carver sneezed
Me: Did you get boogies on you?
Carver: yeah!
*So I wipe them up
Me: Are there more boogies in your nose?
Carver: yeah!
Me: Do you want me to get them?
Carver: no!
Me: Can I suck them out?
Carver: *silence*

Here's some things that Carver's been up to lately...
  • We've taken down the gate around our fireplace (please no criticism. it was a decision that took a lot of thought) and Carver LOVES helping Chris bring in firewood from the back deck. He'll stand a little ways away from the fire and put his hand up and say 'hot'. [so cute!]
  • If we're sitting on the couch and Carver wants something he'll reach around you and pull you off the couch, grab your hand and pull you to the fridge, etc
  • He still has a love obsession with Mickey Mouse and will say hi if he sees one in the store
  • He doesn't cry anymore when we drop him off in the nursery [makes me sad :( ]
  • Loves playing peek-a-boo
  • He likes throwing things away for you... even if you didn't want them in the garbage. We've learned to check the garbages as we walk by them
  • He's still in size 2 diapers, in 9-12mo clothes, and just moved up to size 5 shoes
  • He is in love with Maggie (my mom's dog). He was ECSTATIC when we got to mom's tonight and he saw Maggie!
That's about it. He's growing up way too fast but we're savoring everything as we go. We couldn't imagine our lives without this little monkey and were sitting at the tub tonight, watching Carver play in the bath, we were just in awe that we CREATED him! Ten little toes, ten little fingers, eyes, nose and mouth... all perfect! How amazing is it that a whole human being is created in 9 short months! It baffles my mind.

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  1. time really does fly :(
    wait until hes playing and says mom leave me alone, it melts your heart



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