Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween part one

Here's my nails for Halloween this year. :) I just wanted to post this so I could put it on Pinterest for my lovely nail lady who came up with this idea. :)

Fair 2012

Yep... I'm posting over a month behind. For some reason fair weekend is always forgotten on here. Remember last year? Yeah, it didn't get posted. So here goes...

Mom's dog, Maggie, had a litter of puppies and they were three weeks old while we were there. Little did we know, we'd be keeping one of these little guys. :) Ayami and her family took a black girl so they came over for the day to see the puppies. Reina is 11mo younger than Carver. It was a blast seeing these two with the puppies.

 Check out Carver's hands... totally didn't see that when I took the picture.
 Where did my little baby go??? :( He looks like a kid now.

 Carver loved the rides this year. It was fun watching him figure out what rides he did and didn't like. This was in the not like pile.

 A favorite

Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Months

I have a bunch of pictures to post about but I wanted to get the posted today.

Today, Noah turned 7 months old. Walking into this week I was in a really good place. Then I went to Bible Study yesterday. We're doing James by Beth Moore and it's been amazing! Well yesterday was the 3rd video and Beth talked A LOT about turning anguish into joy and was pretty much talking about me. She read a part of a book called I Will Carry You, by Angie Smith (highly recommend it!) and it brought all the emotions back from right after Noah was born. I didn't start crying until after a friend came over and gave me a hug. So the rest of yesterday and today have been kind of down. I'm not depressed, just sad. :/

Ok, let's get out of this sadness. Here's some things to look forward to:
We got a new puppy!
Making apple pie filling to freeze with my mom
Ellensburg fair (from Sept!!)
Carver's school stuff


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