Tuesday, April 28, 2009

31 week appt (from last friday)

Just remembered that ya'll might want an update on my last dr's appt from friday. So here goes...

Our appt was supposed to be on monday and I forgot to change the date in Chris's schedule so he wasn't able to come with me. It was bittersweet. I really wanted him to come but was so thankful that he was too busy. :)

I got the results from my glucose tolerance test and... I passed!!!! The dr said that my blood looked good and the test results were perfect! Yea! I was so worried that I would have to give up my sweets. :) Along with the usual dr appt things (weight, bp, and pee sample) the dr measured my uterus and said I have a perfect pregnancy - 31 cm at 31 weeks! So things are going right on schedule.

Speaking of weight though, I've gained 7lbs in the last month. That brings the total to 22lbs! I'm still considered underweight and am at the minimum of weight gain for pregnancy but the dr and nurse don't seem too concerned about it. I feel bad for gaining weight but then I realize that all the weight I've gained is baby. So I'm trying not to think about it. :)

I've officially gotten to the point where I am having dr appts every two weeks. So my next appt will be May 11th. Two weeks exactly would be my birthday so we scheduled it for the next monday. I hadn't realized that my birthday is so soon!!!

On a different note, we're going to Chris's grandparents cabin this weekend for our first anniversary!!! Chris said that he's getting one 'big' gift for anniversary/birthday/mothers day. I told Chris that combo gifts can't be the norm but this year I'll let it slide. :) I'm excited! There aren't a lot of big things that I've been wanting so it'll be interesting to see what he gets me. I'm hoping that he likes what I'm getting him... and no, you can't know what it is. He tends to read this every once in a while. haha I'll let you know after this weekend. :)

Anyways, that's enough rambling for now. Here's the ever popular survey since I haven't done it in a while...

How far along? 31wks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: up 22lbs as of friday
Maternity clothes? yep... so comfy! i need some more short sleeved shirts and tanks
Stretch marks? just a couple on my hips
Sleep: not much... not comfortable
Best moment this week: 31wk doctor appt, getting our rocking chair
Movement: a whole bunch. he recognizes daddy's voice and will wake up when chris talks to him :)
Food cravings: food... nothing specific
Gender: Still a boy... the lady at taco time last weekend even guessed right by the way I'm carrying
Labor Signs: I'm suspicious of having braxton hicks but not positive thats what they are.
Belly Button in or out? slowly starting to pop
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, a nice cold sam adams summer
What I am looking forward to: cabin this weekend, my birthday, baby shower, mothers day
Weekly Wisdom: Get things done when you're in the nesting mood, it won't happen as quick otherwise
Milestones: Scrambling to keep up with all the business we've gotten lately! Yea!! Birth announcements and thank you cards are underway. We got the rocking chair and painted it. Getting caught up on scrapbooking.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rock-a-bye Baby...

Yesterday, Chris's mom bought us the rocking chair that we've been wanting as our shower gift. Its an unfinished wood rocking chair that has a curved back so its super comfy. After much hemming and hawing, we decided to paint it white (instead of staining it a natural color) so that it will match the crib and dresser. So today, Chris primed and painted the rocking chair and I love it! Its so traditional which is what we wanted.

It was a lot harder than we initially thought to find a plain wood rocking chair that was either white or unfinished. They aren't making rocking chairs much anymore. They've moved to the rocker/gliders.

Anyways, all that to say that the rocking chair hunt is finally over!!!! Yea!!!

p.s. Thanks Debbie!

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers bring... Baby Presents!!!

We had my Ellensburg baby shower on Saturday. It was so much fun to see everyone! We had one game (they're not really my thing) where everyone guesses how big my belly is by cutting off a piece of yarn. Hannah thought I was pretty big...

The yarn went around my belly twice! Mom and Georganne had exactly the same length in yarn and they were the most accurate. I was even too big! We got some really fun gifts that we can't wait to use.

Thanks everyone for coming. We really appreciate everything you've done for us and our little monkey!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Glucose Tolerance Testing

I had to take my Glucose Tolerance testing today to check for Gestational Diabetes. You're supposed to fast for 12hrs and then drink a specialsupposed to be at the lab 15 drink within 5 minutes. EXACTLY 60 minutes after that you're supposed to have your blood drawn. Even one minute late on drawing the blood could mess up the results.

So I got up this morning and drank the drink. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. For some reason I wasn't thinking and left the house 15 min before I was supposed to have my blood drawn (I'm supposed to be at the lab 15 min early). But I got to the lab at exactly 9:45 (1 hr after I started drinking the drink). The lab tech said that it goes off of when you FINISHED drinking the drink so we had 3 minutes to do the paperwork and get set up.

All in all, it was pretty painless. And I got to eat after we were done. :) Hopefully I'll pass and won't have to take the 3hr GT test.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm in an abusive relationship...

... with my son!

Wednesday morning at 1:15am I woke up and had really bad pain in my left ribs. It hurt to move, so I pretty much sat in bed all night not able to sleep. I talked to the nurse at my Dr's office and she's pretty sure that, since I have a small frame, that Carver bruised one of my ribs. She said there's not much I can do for the pain but I'm feeling a lot better now. It only hurts when I twist my frame now. However, I'm still trying to catch up on all the sleep that I missed.

On another note, we're heading over to Ellensburg today to spend the weekend with my mom and brothers. We're also going over next weekend for my shower! I'm so excited. Its going to be so much fun.

Well, that's it now. I need to clean the house and pack before Chris gets home from work.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Maternity pictures

My friend Mallorie (whom I met at CWU) came out yesterday to do a maternity photo shoot. It was so much fun and laid back. We'd both came up with pose ideas and the weather was AWESOME! We did pictures in the nursery, on my bed, on our deck and in the living room in front of the window. Chris got to play in the yard until we needed him.

We're excited to see how they turn out!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

28 weeks

There's not much new to report on. Carver's been really active the last couple days. I've been forced to sleep on my left side... Carver wakes up if I lay on my right side. This reeks havoc on my back but its worth it to get a couple more hours of sleep.

We got the confirmation of registration for our birthing class. Our class is going to be at the new hospital in Gig Harbor. It just opened on March 17th and it's supposed to be incredible. They aren't set up for deliveries yet so we'll be delivering in Tacoma. Hopefully, by the time we decide to have another kid, we'll be able to deliver in Gig Harbor.

A friend of mine has offered to take some maternity pictures for us so we're going to do that Sunday afternoon. It should be really fun and we're looking forward to it. Thanks Mallorie!!!

How far along?
28wks, 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: up about 15lbs (I'm not weighing myself at home... so we'll have to wait until my next appt to see how much I've gained)
Maternity clothes? yep... so comfy!
Stretch marks? nothing new since last week
Sleep: not much
Best moment this week: hanging out with Chris's sisters and their husbands last night!
Movement: a lot!!! we've got the smallest addition to Cody's bboy crew
Food cravings: snapple and donuts
Gender: Still a boy
Labor Signs: I'm suspicious of having braxton hicks but not positive thats what they are.
Belly Button in or out? still hasn't popped out.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, El Pueblito margaritas
What I am looking forward to: Maternity pictures, Gestational Diabetes test in a couple weeks, blood draws (can you tell I'm being sarcastic?)
Weekly Wisdom: Now is the time to indulge yourself... it'll be hard once the little monkey arrives
Milestones: I designed the birth announcements and thank you cards today... now all I need to do is buy some stuff at JoAnns/Michaels to get started on them.


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