Saturday, May 28, 2011

A couple random pictures

Here's a couple random pictures that were on my camera. Happy weekend! We're at WHC (Young Life camp in OR)

Happy First Birthday Tyler!

My 10th was my nephew's 1st birthday. His parents didn't want a big party so they just had the family over for dinner the night of Tyler's birthday. Here's the banner I made for the party.

The boys played, and played, and played. Here's Tyler in his birthday outfit.

And of course, you might need some tools to help you eat your cupcake!

Happy birthday Tyler! We love you! Auntie Tana, Uncle Chris and Carver

Friday, May 27, 2011

Future Hunter?

I absolutely love these jammies on Carver. Can you tell that he likes them too?

You can't see me Mama!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter: Better Late Than Never.... right??

I'm finally making the time to post the pictures from Easter weekend. I've got little monkey right on top of me so I'll keep the typing to a minimum. :) We were at my mom's for the weekend. It was supposed to be warm but with the wind it was pretty chilly. My mom hid a bunch of plastic eggs in the back yard for Carver to find. We filled them with some candy, and plastic animals that my mom picked up.

Getting his new gardening gloves on. This coat was my dad's when he was a kid. It was passed down to my brothers and we keep it at mom's house for when we forget a coat. :)

Having so much fun!!!

Look down monkey!

Trying to figure out how to open the eggs

We got Carver a DVD set of Chip & Dale episodes and Duck Tale episodes (from Costco), a bulldozer to go with his dump truck, digger and steam roller, some gardening tools and the gloves.

This was his simple (& cheap) Easter outfit. It was a plain white polo and jeans. He was supposed to wear some cute plaid shorts but it wasn't that warm out.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. We pushed Carver's nap off because of lunch so he was a bit fussy and wouldn't sleep much in the car on the way home. Oh joy! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recap on last weekend

Ok, so here's a recap of what happened around our house this weekend.

*We met my mom, her boyfriend, and my Gramma at Home Depot to lend them our dump truck to take a pallet of pavers to my Gramma's house.
*Daddy and monkey got to spend a lot of time outside working on the garden. It was actually nice out, for WA.
*I made 7 projects for the day! Yay me! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad NSD fell on a weekend this year. Head over to my crafting blog to see everything I made.

*Mothers Day AND my 26th birthday!!!
*My mom and her boyfriend came up from my Gramma's and we all went to church.
*Then we had a BBQ with hubby's family (they all live here) and my Mom and her boyfriend. One of my brother's lives in CO and the other was a camp counselor for an 8th grade honors camp (they both called me though).
*I got some great gifts! :) aka Ergo Baby carrier, lemonade holder thing (it'll be perfect for monkey's bday party next month), lots of flowers and gift cards.

So all in all, the weekend was a success. My dear husband went above and beyond on all the planning and thoughtfulness. I usually set myself up for disappointment on my birthday but I was never once remotely disappointed.

Thanks for letting me ramble! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Glorious Years!!

Today marks my 3rd wedding anniversary. These last three years have had a lot of changes but I wouldn't change them for the world! I love you babe!

I have a bunch of Easter pictures to show you but lil monkey and I have been down with colds the last couple days. So there goes the dinner plans for tonight, as well as everything else that needs to be done around here.


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