Monday, August 20, 2012

Going Crabbing

Chris and Carver have gone crabbing a bunch this summer. I love that they have something that is just for them and that they both love doing it. Here's pictures from one of their catches. We've had problems with people pulling our pots and taking the crab out of the pots but we're still getting a bunch. This was a typical day's worth.
 Carver and his buddy, Tanner

Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 Months

Noah is 5 months old today. I am, so far, taking this day more in stride than I did the 4 month mark. But it's only 7:41am as I type this. Month 4 really hit me and I don't know why. I was down for a good week or two around that time. You can really tell when you look at the credit card statement. haha I think I've just been too busy to let the 5 month mark affect me. So here's what we've been up to!

Our internet crashed on July 28th and it's been slow getting it back. We needed a new modem and then after we got that, the internet was spotty and the wireless password got reset. And I've been dragging my feet on calling to get the new password. My fault! But miraculously, the desktop internet started working on it's own Friday. Weird. So I've been using my phone and Chris's iPad to stay connected with the internet. I have to say, it's been nice having more time to get things done but I miss my laptop. It sat in a corner this whole time because everything I wanted to do on it required the internet. So I'm at my mom's right now and trying to get caught up on things.

There's been a HUGE wild fire just north of my hometown, Ellensburg WA. Just Google pictures of "Taylor Bridge fire" and you'll see how big it is. Over 70 homes have been lost, and that doesn't include barns, garages, shops, and other out-buildings. The fire is 43% contained, YAY!, but it's a long road to being out. The firefighters are working tirelessly trying to keep an upper hand on it.  Usually when you look out my mom's living room windows you have a beautiful view of the Stewart mountain range and all you can see now is smoke. As the fire was blazing, 0% contained on Monday and Tuesday, I felt so helpless. Then I realized that we were coming over to go to a wedding this weekend. I posted something on Facebook (we have a group that is like a local Craigslist but just for Gig Harbor. A lot of cities have these) that I was going over and willing to take donations for the fire victims. I am AMAZED at how people responded! Throughout all last week, people filled my car over three times! I took everything into our living room (you couldn't see the floor!) and organized everything. I separated the clothes so that there were bags of just long sleeve, pants and cold weather clothes so that the volunteers didn't have to go through those bags right away. We FILLED my SUV (Toyota Highlander) with just enough room for Carver's carseat and me to drive and we FILLED the bed of one of our trucks. I thought we'd have to leave all the cold weather clothes at home and bring them when we came for Labor day weekend, but Chris suggested just bringing two cars. Why didn't I think of that? haha So we both drove over and dropped off everything yesterday. It was such a blessing to hand over all this stuff. The volunteers were amazed that I actually organized everything. I guess they have to go through everything that's brought in a sort it all. I took care of all that for them. :) We also had breakfast with my dad yesterday and I had him make a list of what the firefighters needed. So I ran to Fred Meyer and bought all that. I had $100 to work with from people that donated money and I spent $102.95 with tax!

I think I might have found my calling. :) I loved doing this and we'll probably do it again in two weeks when we come back for fair and rodeo weekend (Labor Day weekend). I've decided that when we build our house I'm going to re-purpose our shop to be a "command center" to collect things so that when stuff like this happens, we have a bunch to work with already. The sad thing, is that I'll have to wait until the house is built to start. I have to remind myself to be patient when I start thinking about building. This verse has become my theme for the house:

"Develop your business first before building your house" Proverbs 24:27

This verse was a big wake up call when I first read it. I was complaining about the house and then I read it, and showed it to Chris. Now, when I get frustrated Chris reminds me of this verse, which is both a blessing and a curse. haha

Well I think that's all. Carver and I need to make cookies and granola before we leave Nana's and Chris needs to make zucchini bread. It just gets too hot at our house to use the oven.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm still here! Don't worry! There's been a lot of not a lot going on lately, so let's see what we've actually done.

Noah turned 4 months. This one was really hard on me for some reason. I don't really know why but I got a little down for awhile (nothing alarming).

The boys went crabbing a few times and came back with some super yummy dungeoness crab. The only way to eat crab is just out of the water and into the pot.

My best friend, Amanda, had her baby boy. His name is Maximus Gunner and they're calling him Max. Mommyhood seems to agree with Amanda so far and I can't wait to meet the little man. :)

On July 28th we (sort of) participated in a walk for CareNet. They are raising money to buy ultrasound machines for their facilities. We signed up for the 5k walk not knowing what Carver would be willing to do. We got there, checked in, got our shirts and sat down to wait until we were supposed to start. We ran into some friends from church that had just finished the 10k run and ended up talking past our start time. That turned out to be good because Chris's knees were hurting and he didn't think he'd even be able to do the walk. So we packed it up and came home. We felt lazy but CareNet still got our donation so the walk was just for fun.

It was super nice for a week or so, so we were in the pool and playing outside for a majority of that time.

We've "lost" one of the baby chicks. Shhh, Carver doesn't know. We leave them out to free range during the day and Chris didn't put them away when we went to his parents for dinner one night. We came home and there were only 9 babies. :( And we just noticed that one of the babies has a big scab on the back of his head where it looks like he's being picked on. Poor guy! Hopefully he learns to stand up for himself soon.

Not much else has gone on that I can remember.

This weekend my dad is getting married in Portland so we'll be down there all weekend for that.


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