Sunday, November 8, 2009

Whirlwind of a weekend

So on we3dnesday Chris called and said that we could leave that night for Ellensburg. We were planning on leaving after he got off work on thursday so it was a pleasant surprise to get to go a day early. On thursday we went out to our longtime friends, the Lundy's, house. Alisa and her family were in town for a few days and we wanted to have a playdate with her 3mo old daughter, Jane. It was really good to see everyone. We definitely need to do that more often!

On friday, we left for Cheney when we got up. We ended up stopping in Ritzville to feed Carver. So I fed and changed him then handed him off to Chris so I could run into McDonalds to use the bathroom. When I came out I took Carver and set him in his seat to get buckled in. As soon as I set him down he pooped. So I took him in to the bathroom and changed him. No big deal. I go to get him in his carseat and as soon as I set him down, he poops again! So I changed him in the car... I didn't want to go back into McD's. haha Needless to say, out 30-45min stop turned into 1hr 15min. But we made it to Jena and Moktar's house.

Friday night we went to Olive Garden... its become a tradition for us to go there when we're together! Saturday was al about Alea's 3rd birthday party. After the party we went out to Jena's parent's house for dinner. Carver wasn't spoiled at all... ;) We had to leave this morning when we got up. Carver did great in the car. We, of course, stopped in Ellensburg for about an hour to feed Carver and have Campus-U-totem. yum! Hard to believe, but Chris had never had Campus before today. We've been together 5.5yrs and we'd never eaten there together!

Then we left and came home. There was actually snow on the pass! It was so much fun to see!

Ok, enough rambling. Carver's done eating his dinner so I'm going to hit the sack. Night!

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