Sunday, November 1, 2009

26 Days of Thankfulness

It's officially November! Usually I want to skip over this month and get to christmas but this year I'm savoring everything because of Carver. I know he won't remember Fall and Thanksgiving this year but it's going to be fun for me. :) So for the next 26 days, I'm going to try to find one thing a day that I am thankful for. It will be something different... whatever strikes my mood that day. I'm hoping that I can keep this up until Thanksgiving but bear with me if I miss a day or two.

Day 1: Breastfeeding
I am so thankful that I am able to breastfeed Carver. Not only does it cut down on expenses but it is a great bonding time for the two of us. It took awhile before it stopped being painful but I'm glad that I stuck with it and didn't give up.

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