Sunday, November 4, 2012


We got a new addition to our family at the end of September. My mom had a litter of purebred labs in August and my friend wanted one. So we decided to be in town the weekend she was coming over to get her Scout (a yellow girl) so that we could be there when she came... Then we started talking about how we wanted two more rottweilers around Christmas... Then we looked up how much rotts are (around $1000) and wrote that off... then we were talking about how mom had four boys left (two blacks, two yellows) and how they were only $350... and we were sunk! I definitely wanted a black so we gave them baths and played with them to figure out which one was more mellow and here he is. :)
 He's been so easy to train and integrate into the family. Rocky and Kenya tolerate him and are playing with him more and more. He's spent the last two weekends with my mom so he's been able to play with his sister, Ebony. Last weekend, I was on a MOMs group retreat in Seabrook, WA and Chris and Carver went to my Mom's so Chris could go elk hunting (no luck). Then this weekend, we went to Spokane for my best friend's daughter's 6th birthday party so my mom babysat.
 Did you catch that my mom kept a puppy? Out of the 10 puppies, 5 of them went to family!! My mom kept one, ours, my brother, Jake and his girlfriend got one (a yellow girl named Lola), my mom's cousin got a yellow boy (Tucker) and our old exchange student, Ayami, got a black girl that they named A Lady & a Gentleman and they call her Lady.
 Carver LOVES Onyx and wants him to sleep in his bed with him. It's so precious to see them both sleeping with Carver's arm wrapped around Onyx's neck! :)

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