Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We got our first eggs on October 17th! We were so excited. :) My friend gave us her two hens that are about a year older than our older group. She warned me that only one of them laid eggs and to not worry about it. After about two weeks of getting introduced to our girls, we got eggs... from both of them!!! We think that they liked it here better because there's more nesting boxes (she had two, so they laid eggs in one and slept in the other).

We've been getting 3 eggs for the last couple weeks. But yesterday there were 6 and today there was 7!!! I think Zoe and CC (the two new ones) are teaching our how it's done. :) I wasn't expecting them to start laying eggs for another couple weeks. Yay girls!! So if anyone is local and wants eggs, we're going to start making a list of who wants them. If they keep up these numbers we'll start selling them. Carver's in charge of the selling and he's charging $3/dozen. So he'll tithe a dollar, save a dollar and be able to spend a dollar. The money for the chicken food will come out of his spending jar so he has to re-invest before he can buy something for himself.

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