Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deer Hunting 2012

 **WARNING: Graphic pictures ahead**

Chris started bow hunting this year and he really wanted to get a buck with his bow. So he would take his bow to work with him every day and would scout while he worked. He saw a large 4x4 (four points on each side) so he asked the owner of the property if he could hunt and he said yes. So Chris and his friend went out after work one night and Chris got him!!! He thought it was the 4x4 but after he shot him, he looked and it was a FIVE by SIX!!!!! He was enormous too. 

They brought him back to the house and gut and skinned him. He was so big that he broke an industrial caribeener hook that they tried to hang him on in the shop. They had to use our Dingo (a stand behind digger) to hoist him up. Once they got the skin off, there was an inch or two of pure fat covering the meat. That's how big he was!

When Chris took him to the butcher, he weighed in at 195 without guts, skin, that extra fat and his head and hooves. That's a lot of meat. We got back about 100lbs. The butcher said that he had a trophy buck and he hadn't seen one that big in a long time. I had been telling Chris that he needed to get the shoulder mount done since it was his first buck with a bow and it was so big. Who knows if he'll ever get one that big again. So Chris went to the taxidermist to get an idea of how much it would be and he said it was a trophy! So there was no question about it. We got the shoulder mount and it's in our living room now. haha

Ok, onto the pictures. I won't be mad if you don't want to look at them. I tried to get the best of them but they still be a little graphic for some.

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