Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Time to Buy

::I know this isn't baby related, but I found this in a magazine and thought I'd share::

One of the easiest ways to save on groceries? Stock up during sales. Follow this six-month guide to save 10-25% per item.

May - Memorial Day
On sale: condiments, marinades, salad dressings
Store for: 1 year (3mo for mayo), unopened in pantry

June - Summer Camp
On sale: Prepackaged snacks & crackers, baking supplies (cake mixes, cooking sprays, canned fruit)
Store for: 2-3mo for snacks, 6mo for making items; all unopened in pantry

July - 4th of July
On sale: ground beef, chicken (breast, whole or rotisserie)
Store for: 2-3mo for ground beef, 4-12mo for chicken; all frozen

Aug/Sept - Back to School
On sale: frozen breakfast items, peanut butter, jelly
Store for: 2mo for freezer items; 6-12mo for jarred products, unopened in pantry

October - Fall Kickoff
On sale: canned veggies, beans, soup
Store for: 1 year, in pantry

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