Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!!!

Its finally the beginning of May! My favorite month (except for December) of the year. With the coming of May brings, birthdays, our anniversary and pretty flowers! So here's my best attempt to make a list of all the birthdays/anniversaries this month. Let me know if I forget you! This is off the top of my head.

May 2 - Jennifer's birthday
May 3 - Our 1st Anniversary!; Lana's birthday
May 4 - Derek's birthday
May 5 - Megan's birthday
May 6 - Amanda's birthday
May 8 - My birthday!!
May 10 - Mother's Day (my first!!)
May 11 - Max's birthday
May 14 - Jena's birthday
May 19 - Kim & Greg's 2nd anniversary
May 26 - Kelsii's birthday
May 28 - Stephen's birthday

As you can see May is a busy month for us... even without prepping for Carver.

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