Saturday, May 16, 2009

he he hoo...

Today we had our all-day birthing class. It was a long day (9am-5pm) but it was very informative. I left feeling 1000x more at ease about the whole birth process than when we arrived. We got to have the class at the new St Anthonys hospital in Gig Harbor. *We won't be giving birth there (they're not doing deliveries... yet) but it was nice to walk through the hospital.*

We learned how to recognize labor, different labor positions and breathing techniques, the different medications and types of birth.

A family friend of mine, Chris Cooper, and his wife were in our class. :) We hadn't seen them since the wedding so it was good to catch up with them. They're due a week before us so that's exciting.

In other news, its at least 77 degrees here and our house is hot after being closed up all day. So I'm going to change into shorts and sit on the deck while Chris BBQ's dinner. :)

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