Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Sayings

Here's some random says that have been said around our house lately... Enjoy!

Carver (when asked if I should have another baby in my belly after Noah): "TWO babies!!" --> My mom has also had dreams that I'll have twins a year from now. hmmm...

Carver: "Baby Noah owie all better!" Noah told him this.

Chris: "I love the way you move when you're pregnant." Talking about my little dance I have to do to get into our bed

Carver: ... "at two cock" aka: at 2 o'clock (when told daddy will be home later, going grocery shopping, etc. This started when Chris and Carver had to pick up Rocky from the vet after he got neutered at 2:00pm

Carver: "You love this?!" As he fans our faces... you have to say yes.

Probably my favorite:
Chris: "I think we should open a 7-Eleven so we could get free slurpies." I've introduced these wonderful things to him lately :)

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