Monday, March 19, 2012

The day my life changed...

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd let you know how everything went down.

I woke up around 3am on Sunday leaking fluid. My Dr didn't seem too concerned and told me to go back to bed. At 8am I started getting braxton hicks that were mildly uncomfortable. They later turned into full on contractions that had me breathing through them. Finally at 10:00pm we decided to go to the hospital. We called Kim to watch Carver and the whole way to the hospital we were thinking we were going to be sent home. I got to the hospital at 10:30pm. Once we got to a room at the hospital, I was checked and was at 6cm! And my water sac was bulging. We got admitted and ordered the epidural since I knew I'd be in a lot more pain after my water broke. They couldn't tell what station I was at, so after I got the epidural they did an ultrasound and found out Noah was transverse. My Dr came in and we said a prayer (him in tongues). Then he moved Noah back into position and broke my water. Oh My Goodness! There was SOO much fluid. It GUSHED out of me and onto the bed, all over me, on the floor and under the bed. After they got me cleaned up, I was checked again and the Dr said "You're at an 8.... oh! Go ahead and push." After three contractions, Noah was out. The Dr had to manipulate my skin in order to get Noah's head out and that felt just great. He was born at 1:29am after only being in the hospital for 3hrs. The Dr was praying in tongues during the whole delivery and placed holy water on Chris's hands before he picked up Noah. We were able to have exactly an hour with him before he went to live with Jesus at 2:29am. Carver was able to be with him and give him kisses before Noah passed. Our photographer came and did pictures around 9:30am and she got Carver to hold and rock Noah. Carver was right by Noah's side the whole time.

We were so blessed with our doctor. He has prayed with us so much and was praying in tongues during the whole time I was pushing. He has been so open with his faith and it has been such an encouragement to us. We have felt an overwhelming peace about us and feel resolved about everything. Noah is where he is supposed to be now.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! We have felt each and every one. We don't know how we'll feel tomorrow or the next day but we have felt God walking right beside us this whole time.

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