Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pictures from our Christmases

Before I get to the Christmas pictures, here's a belly picture from Dec 26th at 25wk 3days.

Here's the pictures from two of our six Christmases. It was really hard for me to take pictures; I just wanted to enjoy everything.

Here's the Christmas with my mom and brothers.

He got to open one present the night before.

This is what he opened.

Maggie wanted to get in on the action

So much concentration

Opening his HUGE box!!

Working under the hood

Checking out the progress. He was so patient while everything was getting assembled.

Uncle 'Duck' (Jake) working hard

The first thing Carver checked on Christmas morning was the cup of milk, candy and carrots we left out for Santa and the reindeer. The look on his face when he saw that they were all gone was PRICELESS!!! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it.

Mickey Christmas cup. He also got a Mickey travel mug that we promptly filled with hot cocoa. :)

He got his own pair of scissors (in the shape of a monkey, no less!). Now he can stop stealing mine!

Reach your arm in there!

Nothing left mama!

What a look in his eye! He's in LOVE with his chainsaw!!

A toolbox to hold all the tools for his workbench.

Some of the tools it came with.

His new bobcat. It's an actual toy so this one shouldn't break as easily.

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