Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here are some common questions that I've been asked and figured it'd be good to get them all down in one place.

1. How are you guys doing?
We have a peace about us that has been with us almost from the beginning. We know that God is in control and are trying to show his glory through it all.

2. Have you thought of any names?
This is already been answered here but... Noah Christopher. Noah means rest or peace and that is how we've felt. Carver can say Noah (he says 'no-way') and that helps.

3. What have you told Carver?
He knows that the baby has an owie on his head. That Jesus (we say Jesus instead of God because Carver can say Jesus) said that the only way to fix Noah's owie is for Noah to go live with Jesus in heaven. That only super special babies get to go straight to heaven. We reinforce that Noah will not get to come home with us. Carver has added that Noah will fly to heaven (after seeing his uncles do the iFly) and that he will have bobcats and diggers to play with up there.

4. When is your due date?
April 6th but I will go early. Hopefully I'll make it to 34ish weeks. With Anencephaly, it is common to go into labor early so that could happen at any point.

5. How can we pray for you?
  • For continued peace.
  • That Noah will continue to grow and develop.
  • That his head will be healed.
  • That through us, people will turn to God.
  • That, somehow, we'll be able to donate organs. We haven't ruled this out and will continue to talk to the doctor about it.

That's it for now. When I have another group of questions I'll post those as well.

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