Friday, January 6, 2012

27 Weeks

  • How far along are you? 27 weeks

  • Total weight gain: up 18lbs, plus whatever since my last appt

  • How big is baby?: I'm not keeping track anymore.

  • Maternity clothes: all tops and then yoga pants, leggings and occasionally my non-pregnancy jeans (not the most comfortable but I'm really stubborn about not buying maternity pants)

  • Stretch marks?: No new ones.

  • Sleep?: Well, Chris is sick so he keeps me up, plus getting up to go to the bathroom. But other than that, really good!

  • Best moment this week?:Getting all the crazyness with Christmas and wedding over with.

  • Movement?: He's gotten a lot stronger in his kicks in the last couple weeks. He's definitely a strong little boy!!! I felt his thigh a couple nights ago. It was pushing on my upper belly. It was pretty cool. :)

  • Food cravings?: Sweets still. I'm trying to cut back since I have to do my glucose test around the 12th. NOT looking forward to that. :(

  • Food aversions?:Carrots. They make me sick - literally.

  • Labor signs?: nope.

  • Belly button in or out?: Slowly disappearing

  • What I miss: my Dr Pepper. I know I can have it but I'd rather not get back into it.

  • What I'm looking forward to: Getting the glucose test over with - and passing it!!

  • Milestone: I'm officially in the 3rd trimester.
  • At my last appointment, the Dr said that I could go into labor at any point (he's not expecting me to though) which kind of scared me. I really want to get to at least 34 weeks. For some reason 34wks has stuck in my mind. I'm going on a girls weekend to the ocean (about 2.5hrs away) the 20-22nd of this month. My Dr said to go ahead with the trip but I'm nervous. It's too soon to go into labor. This little boy needs to stay in longer.

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    1. I agree...that little boy needs to stay with you as long as possible! That trip sounds like lots of fun...I'm sure you'll enjoy it!



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