Friday, January 27, 2012

My doctor appointment yesterday

I had a dr appointment yesterday and it was all good news!!! The first thing my dr said when he walked in was "I've been looking forward to seeing you! There's a lot of people in my circle praying for you." We heard Noah's heartbeat and he said that I would go around the end of March!!! He said to count on 38 weeks and to not worry about going into labor before that. It's still a possibility but it's so slim to not count on it. He'll start checking me at 36 weeks and if I don't go into labor before then, we'll talk about an induction at 37-38wks. I also passed my glucose test with flying colors (I'd been worried because I've been craving sugar lately). Throughout the whole appt my Dr kept saying that God has something special planned for Noah. That we know the medical outcome of this but who knows what God has in store for us. I walked out of there so energized!!

So, I'm changing my prayer request to:
Getting to 37-38wks gestation.
I'm still going to make a birth plan so strength for that.

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