Friday, October 21, 2011

16 Week Stats

Here's my stats for the week. I'll have some pictures of Carver up tomorrow. Promise!!

Due Date:
April 6, 2012
Weight Gain: Up about 6lbs total as of my last dr appt - but we go in on Thursday
Symptoms: I feel uncomfortable some nights but that's about it
What's different this time: it's a lot easier!
Cravings: nothing major
Aversions: apples, but not as much. I'm beginning to think it was just a early pregnancy thing
Sleep: besides getting up to go to the bathroom, pretty good.
I am loving: actually having a recognizable bump
I miss: not too much. feeling pretty good
I am looking forward to: seeing if we can talk the OB into an ultrasound at our next appt
I'm spazzing about: not being able to bend down as much; not being able to rock Carver to sleep some nights
Best thing about this week: Chris definitely felt the baby tonight
Milestones: definite movements and Chris can feel the baby
Movement: see above
It's a...: well, my belly button is starting to poke out so I 'could' be carrying higher - meaning a girl... but I'm trying to not think about it.
Exercise: what's that? haha
Diet: whatever i can get in my mouth... current fav is greek yogurt YUM!!!
Other goals: Getting Carver to feel the baby :)

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