Friday, October 14, 2011

15 Week Stats

Before I get to the stats, I have to announce that Chris bought a Bobcat Excavator today. Well, technically, he bought it last week, but it was delivered today. Chris, and Carver, are in HEAVEN!! And on top of that, tomorrow is opening day of deer season. Let's just say that Chris has likened this weekend to Christmas. :)

Due Date:
April 6, 2012
Weight Gain: Up about 6lbs total as of my last dr appt
Symptoms: Not too many, I feel uncomfortable some nights and I'm hungry all.the.time!
What's different this time: same as last week
Cravings: sweets but I have to time it just right or they'll give me a headache
Aversions: apples, dang gas pains
Sleep: besides getting up to go to the bathroom, pretty good.
I am loving: I'm wearing maternity tops today!
I miss: apples haha
I am looking forward to: finding out what we're having!
I'm spazzing about: how huge i feel, my belly button looks like it may pop out this time. it literally disappeared with Carver
Best thing about this week: feeling little flutters, Chris 'thinks' he felt the baby
Milestones: getting into a groove, i sometimes forget i'm pregnant
Movement: little flutters every once in a while
It's a...: baby haha i don't feel like i have a guess on what it is.
Exercise: what's that? haha
Diet: whatever i can get in my mouth... current fav is greek yogurt YUM!!!
Other goals: drink more water, take my vitamins every day (that's been an issue lately)

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