Monday, March 14, 2011


Seeing the pictures of the devastation in Japan brings me back to when I was there in 2000. Ellensburg has a sister-city that has an exchange program with the city. Every year 20 13-14yr olds would come for 10 days along with 5 teachers/government officials. My family got involved and hosted 2 girls every year. I was the second group to return the exchange and I went with 5 other girls and two adults. We stayed with students that had stayed with us so we got to meet their families. It was great to see our friends again and tour the country.

While I was clearing out Carver's closet last Wednesday (the earthquake/tsunami was friday), I found my scrapbook with all my pictures I took in Japan. It was great to take the trip down memory lane with Carver but now when I look at the pictures I took, I just feel sad and sick to my stomach.

Thankfully, Tamamura is northwest of Tokyo so it is on the China side. This means that the tsunami didn't effect them. I talked to a couple of the girls that I am still in contact with and they and their families are safe. Later today, while Carver naps, I may try to find some of the other girls and boys that we hosted but we'll see how I feel.

Ok, enough rambling. I have a couple pictures to post but that'll have to wait as well. Carver's decided to 'cook breakfast' which means that all my pots and pans are in the living room. Should be interesting. :)

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