Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 Step, 2 Step...

He's WALKING!!!!! Sunday night, Kim, Greg and baby Tyler were over for dinner and we were just hanging out. Chris was playing with Carver and then he stood him up and told him to walk to me... and he DID! Kim wanted to get into the fun so Carver was going between the three of us for a good 15min before Kim and Greg had to head home. I bet Carver would've kept going if they didn't have to leave.

Ever since then, he's walked a couple steps here and there but nothing like he did that night. We're still not encouraging it, and I'm pretty sure Carver knows that crawling is so much faster than walking, so he doesn't have much ambition to walk anymore than he has to. :)

Mama and Dada are so proud of you Monkey!!!

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