Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Christmas down, three to go!

We had our Christmas with my mom and brothers last night. Chris wants Christmas morning to just be the three of us so we're heading home today. Carver had fun unwrapping his presents but I think he liked the bells Nana put on his presents better. :) I didn't take many pictures but the ones I did take, I'll upload on the 26th when the dust settles a little. Here's some highlights from last night.

  • Carver got a monkey stuffed animal from his grandpa.
  • Carver got come cowboy boots from Nana that he'll be able to wear when he starts walking ("these boots are made for walkin'...")
  • Chris and I got a GPS for my car.
  • Mom found the plate she made from when I was born and the Denbe (?) bowl I was given when I was a baby.
  • We had Chicken Pot Pie for dinner (I've been craving it lately)
  • We had a bunch of friends come out for dinner and games!
We're heading home early afternoon today after we stop into mom's work to sayy goodbye and maybe a little shopping if I can talk Chris into it. ;) Then tomorrow morning we're doing our Christmas and that night we'll go to Chris's parents for their family Christmas. Then on the 30th we're having a get-together with mom's side of the family. I love how everything is spread out so Christmas lasts longer!

Merry Christmas everyone! and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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