Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carver's 6mo Dr Appt

It's so hard to believe that Carver is already six months old! (Well he turned 6 months on saturday but you get the idea). It seems like yesterday that he was kicking around inside me. :)

We had an appointment with the doctor yesterday and everything is looking good! He weighs 13lb 9oz which puts him in the 3-5th percentile (which he's been in since birth) and he's 27in long. He's getting so big! He got his 6mo shots and he didn't like that much. Next time I'm going to give him a little Tylenol before we go. He was miserable all day. :( I felt so bad!

The doctor said that he's definitely teething (as if we hadn't figured that out already) and that any day we could see a tooth pop through. I felt a little bump in there yesterday so I'm thinking it'll happen pretty soon.

All in all, it was a good appointment. The doctor gave me a little advice for when we start feeding Carver veggies and we talked about the swine flu shot.

Now, we're at Nana's house for Christmas and we've just tuckered out on mama's chest. :)

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