Wednesday, August 12, 2009

our weekend in Ellensburg

**I want to state that in the haste to get there, we forgot our camera. So the few pictures we got are from Jake's camera. Thanks brother!

So after the eventful time it took to actually get to mom's house, we didn't do much of anything once we were there. On friday, we had lunch at my grandma's house. My dad and Cody also came. This was the first time my dad had seen Carver so it was really nice to get together.

Oh, side note. We had to stop at the store on the way to lunch because we ran out of wipes with the blow out the day before. And as luck would have it, they only had travel packs of wipes that had Disney princesses!

After we left my grandma's, Chris dropped me off at mom's work so that her and I could go shopping for things to put in goodie bags for all the kids leaving that night for Malibu. (Cody was heading back up with them which was the reason for us being there.) Once we got home we put the bags together and hung out until everyone had to be at the bus. Mom was doing ll the paperwork so she had to be there early... like 10:15pm. The bus was scheduled to leave at 11pm so we said goodbye to Cody. He won't be home until Sept 20th. It was so cool to watch him with Carver. When Cody left he said something that meant a lot to me. He said, "You're a good mom." That's probably the highest compliment that anyone could give me and it meant a lot. Thanks Cody! I love you!

Saturday, Jena and Moktar came for the day. Jena's mom and Alea were in Yakima for an antique show so they came up too. It was so cute to watch Alea and Carver together. Alea has gotten so big! The last time we saw them was Alea's 2nd birthday party in November. She's gotten so tall! They stuck around most of the day, then they needed to head home since they had to work the next day.

Sunday, mom and Jake were planning on going to Wildhorse for family day to see Sarah and Tanner. So we stayed home from church to spend more time with Nana before we all had to leave. The drive home was uneventful (thank you!) except that we were both pretty tired.

I don't think our weekend could have been anymore busy. haha Here's a couple pictures of Alea and Carver.

Lori, Alea, Carver & Jena

Kisses for baby Carver

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