Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It ONLY took us 4hrs to get to Ellensburg...

Chris was able to take last friday off so we decided to go to Ellensburg on thursday. First off, he surprised me by getting done around 10am so I was rushing to pack everyone. Chris said that he had to run by a client's house to fix some wiring. We left the house at 11:30am. While at the client's house, Carver had a blow out that not only got his clothes dirty but his carseat as well. For those who don't know, we have bucket seats in our car. Let me tell you, its VERY difficult to change a baby on a bucket seat. He was screaming (thankfully the client wasn't home) and squirming around and I'm trying to do damage control. Chris finishes with the wiring and tries to help by holding Carver in place. oh, to top it all off, there were massive mosquitos at this place - I mean the size of a nickel! So we got him cleaned up and i jumped into the backseat to get him in clean clothes and closed the door to keep the blood-suckers away.

After that fiasco, Chris was hungry so we went to Taco Time in the Harbor but everyone and their mother was there so we decided to start heading to Ellensburg and stop in Fife. By the time we got to Fife, Carver was hungry again so I sat in the car to nurse him. In all the hussle, Chris forgot his debit card in the car so it took forever to get our food.

After everyone's bellies were full, we tried again to make our way to Ellensburg. we got as far as the top of the pass where we got stuck in traffic. Apparently, they're doing construction between Exit 52 & 54. So we had this genius idea to get off at Summit West (exit 52) and get back on at Exit 54. So we're cruising along, pass a sign that says that you have to get on the freeway at mile 53... get all the way to mile 54 and the on-ramp is closed!!! So we have to go back to the on-ramp at Central (mile 53) and sit in traffic. With the time we lost, we could've just stayed on the freeway.

Once we were trough that, it was smooth sailings to Ellensburg. When we got to town we went to mom's work cause everyone wanted to see Carver.

So, needless to say, it was a very long day.

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