Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update and Circumcision

Sorry I haven't been updating! Here's a recap of the last 12 days.

We brought Carver home on Saturday the 20th. Mom stayed with us until that monday so we had the extra help. Thanks mom!!! Chris got to celebrate his first Fathers Day with Carver. Carver got him a really cute card with monkeys on it. :) I had a friend hang out with me every day that week so that I had the extra help since Chris had to go back to work right away. It gave Hannah, Kim, and Mallorie time to spend with Carver and allow me time to rest. Thanks girls! Mom came back on Friday with Grandma Axthelm after picking up Jake. Jake spent the last 3 weeks up at Malibu so this was the first time he got to see Carver. The weekend was pretty low key. We took Carver to see Chris's friend Matt and went to visit Chris's Grandma. One of Chris's aunts happened to show up when we were at Grandma Garland's apartment so they got to meet Carver too.

Monday, Carver got circumcized bright and early in the morning. It was hard to hear him cry but it was worth it. The only time he cried afterwards, was the first time I changed his diaper. I'm just glad its over with.

Later on monday, Mallorie showed up and stayed for most of the day. I drove for the first time today. I was a little worried about my stitches and my car being a manual but I was feeling really good and I didn't have any problems. Given, we only drove to the post office and then to Starbucks but oh well! Yesterday, Hannah came over to go with me to my nail appt and take care of Carver. It was really nice to sit and get my nails done!

That's all for now. I'll try harder to keep this updated with what's going on.

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