Friday, July 17, 2009

Update... a little overdue

Carver is 4 weeks old today! Time has flown so here's an update on what's been going on...

July 9 - Chris had a rehearsal for his friend, Josh's, wedding that Chris is a groomsman in. Carver did pretty good hanging out at the church with me. He was getting hungry so he was a little fussy. A scab from his circumcision came off so he wasn't a happy camper towards the end of the rehearsal. Poor guy. :(

July 10 - Jake's girlfriend, Sarah flew back into town from doing work crew at Lost Canyon in Arizona (Young Life) so Mom and Jake picked her up from the airport and stayed the night at our house. We had the rehearsal dinner for the wedding tonight. Carver got passed around all night and I didn't hold him until right as we were leaving. haha Great food and great company!

July 11 - Mom, Jake, Sarah, Carver and I went down to Shelton to see Papa and introduce him to Carver. He was really surprised to see us and got a kick out of Carver. :) Today was Josh's wedding so Chris had to be at the church at 1030am. It was a beautiful wedding and Emily's dress was AMAZING!!!

July 12 - My friend, Tricia's, baby shower was today. She's due September 5th (Chris's birthday). Carver got lots of attention (of course) and it was a fun shower. :)

July 13 - Carver had a Doctor's appointment this morning. He weighs 8lb 2oz now! They measured his head and his length but I didn't get the numbers (sorry!). The Dr said that he's healthy and growing on schedule. His circumcision looked good and the spot where the scab came off should be healed by the end of the week. Our next appt in at 2 months and that's when he'll get his first round of vaccines.

July 15 - Amanda Stallman had her baby this morning!!!! Amanda and I have known each other for a long time and even went to Japan together when we were 15yrs old. Her daughter was breech so they had to do a c-section. Her name is Adrienne and she weighed 7lb 12oz and was 19.25in long! Congrats Amanda!

I had a dentist appointment in Ellensburg today so I left early because I knew that the girls at mom's work (my old work) would want to see Carver... and so I could feed him before my appt. Mom went with me to my appt to watch Carver and he did so good for Nana Pie! Then mom and I got lunch and hung out before mom had to go back to work and I had to start heading home.

Yesterday (July 16) - Chris decided to take Friday off so we decided to come to Ellensburg early. We were thinking of coming over for the weekend anyways. So I rushed to get everyone ready to go, pay the bills since we got paid on wed., catch up on the laundry and dishes, and get stuff together for the yard sale mom's doing on saturday.

Today so far - Jake had Freshman orientation at CWU yesterday and today so last night I helped him pick his classes so he could register today. I wanted a new CWU shirt so Chris, Carver and I went to the University store in the SUB but it was a mad house in there with all the new freshmen and their parents so we went to Jerrols. Now we're getting stuff ready for the yard sale tomorrow.

***Birth Announcements should be going out by the end of the week. I just have to order the pictures and then put them on the cards and mail them. I'll be ordering the pictures on Sunday since I forgot to bring my flash drive to Ellensburg.

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