Friday, May 31, 2013

Lollipop Tree

I grew up listening to my mom sing a song about planting a lollipop stick. Then watering it well and watching it grow. Then one day it would become a lollipop tree. Check out the song here.

So my mom and I, of course, sang the song to Carver since he was born. We decided that Easter weekend would be the perfect time to actually try it out. So that Saturday we all ate lollipops and planted them in my mom's back yard. Carver watered it well and watched it carefully. 

Then one day (Easter morning) he woke to find...

 ... a lollipop tree!!! He was SOOOO excited. He couldn't keep the huge grin off his face. :)
 The guys went a little overboard with the size of tree they made. It was a branch from a tree they had cut down.
 Carver was in awe that it actually worked.

We told Carver that once all the lollipops were picked the tree would disappear and we could do it all again next Easter. But now he wants to plant other things... like popsicle sticks. haha We'll have to figure out something for that.

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