Tuesday, May 14, 2013

33 Weeks

I turned 33wks on Sunday and am getting close to feeling like I'm done. It's hard to bend down and I have absolutely no energy anymore.

Due Date: June 30, 2013
Weight Gain: I have an appt on Thursday but as of two weeks ago, I'm up 27lbs (total with Carver: 26lbs; total with Noah: 28lbs). I'm ok with this because I only gained 1lb at my last appt!!! It sounds like cutting out most of the chocolate and cookies has helped keep the weight down. haha Go figure!
Symptoms:She was breech again at my last appt. If she hasn't moved by 36wks, my Dr will move her. Ouch!
What's different this time: Everything!
Cravings: fro-yo haha At least it's healthier than blizzards ;)
Aversions: meat and cooked peppers
Sleep:I'm getting up 2-4 times to go to the bathroom. When I'm asleep, it's great.
I am loving: Carver's face when he sees McKay move my belly
I miss:being able to bend down (and get back up!) without it taking a whole minute
I am looking forward to:Shopping with my mom and gramma on Saturday :)
I'm spazzing about: All the movement she's been doing! I'm kind of thinking she is back to head down but we'll see.
Best thing about this week: Last weekend was our last weekend in Ellensburg until after McKay comes.
Milestones:Had one baby shower and one more next weekend.
Movement:lots!! hoping from the movement I'm getting that she's head down
It's a...: Girl!!!
Exercise: Any walking that I do
Diet:Trying to get a lot more fruits and veggies. It helps that we're getting lettuce out of the garden for salads
Other goals:Keeping the weight gain to a minimum; Enjoying everything and not wishing it away too much; Getting to 37wks and then she can come anytime she wants ;)

What we've been up to:
We had a baby shower at my mom's house on the 4th. It was a lot of fun and it was great to catch up with everyone. We got a lot of clothes (should've expected that haha) and my mom and gramma got us the car seat. We installed it in the car and left it. It's kind of weird having it in the car this early.

My birthday was on the 8th. Chris asked if he and Carver could go shrimping so I got the house to myself for most of the day. Shrimping is only open for about 4 days out of the whole year (Wednesdays and Saturdays) so it was hard to say no even though I'm not really supposed to have seafood. I wasn't super productive while they were gone (I didn't even get dressed until after 10am) but it was nice to have the house to myself for awhile. I started getting lonely only about an hour before they got home which was ok. Oh, they woke me up at 6am to give me my present (new cowboy boots) and eat mini chocolate donuts before they left. When they got home, we went out for Mexican and fro-yo. It was perfect because Wednesdays are no-weight-Wednesday so it's a flat rate depending on the size of cup you get.  

We were supposed to bring the truck when we went over for the shower but it was acting up (ended up just being the battery) so we had to go over last weekend to pick up our excavator that my mom was using to clear some trees. We hadn't planned on coming over that weekend but it was really nice because that will be our last time before McKay comes.

That's up to today. Carver has his birthday party at school on Thursday since school gets out before his birthday. Mom, Gramma and I are going shopping on Saturday. I have a baby shower with all my church and Bible Study friends this coming week that I'm super excited about. :) That's it for now.

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