Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doctor appt at 35.5 weeks

I should preface this by saying that McKay has been breech or transverse (sideways) ever since 18ish weeks. Talk about uncomfortable! And my doctor said that if she hadn't moved by my 35/36 week appt, that we would schedule a time to go to the hospital to have him move her. He did this with Noah (who was transverse) while I was in labor - with an epidural - and it was brutal! So I was definitely not looking forward to that idea.

I woke up this morning feeling a little more comfortable than normal and I had some hand or knee action in my side. Not thinking much of it at that point. But then she got hiccups right before we went to my appt and it was higher up (they're usually around my pant line). Getting a little hopeful but not thinking much of it. Then, while I'm getting my blood pressure taken I feel a big bulge under my ribs - uh oh her head's back up. :( The nurse feels and agrees with me that it feels like the head. So we go into the room and my doctor starts up the ultrasound machine... and lo and behold... she's HEAD DOWN!!!!!!! I was so excited. :) Now here's to praying that she stays that way until she comes out. :)

I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Not only would it be really painful (think of a deep tissue massage without any lotion) but it would also be an extra expense. I'd resigned myself to the fact that it would have to happen and I'm so relieved that we don't have to go through that.

Other than all that, things have been going ok here. I have no energy to keep up with the house and Chris has been working extra lately so he has no energy to help out once he's home. Needless to say, we're doing the bare minimum to keep the house someone in working order right now.

We have Carver's birthday party this weekend and that means we'll have to actually clean. Joy! We're doing a super small party this year and a few weeks early just because of my due date being so close to Carver's actual birthday. I'm trying to keep it low key but that's hard when I've got all these fun ideas and it's a cowboy party. How can you not go a little overboard with that? ;)

Stats to keep you updated:

Due Date: June 30, 2013

Weight Gain:up 1lb from my last appt bringing the total to 30lbs
Symptoms: More comfortable now that's she's flipped. Not a lot of energy
What's different this time: Everything!
Cravings: fro-yo still. I've even had Chris run to get some after Carver's fallen asleep. I feel like we're sneaking around haha
Aversions: meat and cooked peppers
Sleep:I'm getting up 2-4 times to go to the bathroom. When I'm asleep, it's great.Chris says I snore, I say, be glad that I'm actually sleeping!
I am loving: Chris and Carver putting lotion on my belly. They both love to do it and it keeps my belly from itching... a little
I miss: being able to bend down
I am looking forward to:Carver's party; getting my completion coupons for my registries. I want to go shopping!
I'm spazzing about: She's head down!!!
Best thing about this week:She's head down (getting sick of hearing that?) Carver has one week of school left.
Milestones: Had my shower with all my Moms Group and Bible Study friends. It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing everyone. :) Thanks Erica!!!
Movement:  It's starting to slow down a little bit. She's running out of room.
It's a...: Girl!!!
Exercise: I told Chris that we need to start walking... he says to wait until after 37wks. Smart man!!
Diet:Trying to get a lot more fruits and veggies but I have no energy so whatever is convenient
Other goals: Get to 37wks and then she can come!!

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