Friday, March 1, 2013

23 Weeks Stats

I haven't done my stats yet this pregnancy so I figured I should probably start. I'm a couple days early on being 23 weeks (2 days to be exact) but since I had a Dr appt today I figured it would be good to get it down before I forget. :) I'm going to take a picture on Sunday so I'll post that then.

Due Date: June 30, 2013
Weight Gain: Up... do I really want to say? gulp... 17lbs :( My doctor says it's normal but I only gained 26 with Carver and 28 with Noah so I'm feeling quite huge right now with 17wks left
Symptoms: horrible sleep. I've actually gotten cold-like symptoms because of the lack of sleep.
What's different this time: Everything is different this time! More hormonal, more nauseous during the 1st trimester, the girls have actually grown, goldfish didn't work for the nausea but almonds did, I have been craving gummy bears, I've gained more weight than at this point with both the boys, crazy dreams, want me to go on?
Cravings: I'm on the tail end of gummy bears. Hopefully something healthy will be next
Aversions: meat, but that's not new
Sleep: between getting up to go to the bathroom and the crazy dreams, I haven't gotten much sleep lately
I am loving: feeling her move, the way Carver is just in love with her. it melts my heart!
I miss: not much. I just feel huge for only being 23wks
I am looking forward to: getting the diaper bag i ordered and finishing up the bedroom. We have the crib up and the bedding ordered. Once the bedding comes we'll paint stripes on the wall of her crib. Then we can hang the letters for her name and get the mattress.
I'm spazzing about: feeling huge. Am I a broken record yet?
Best thing about this week: Getting the crib put together
Milestones: We registered!
Movement: It depends on what I eat. She's definitely doing a lot of her 14-16hrs of sleep during the day.
It's a...: Girl!!!
Exercise: what's that? haha
Diet: Ideally, a lot of healthy stuff but it's honestly whatever is put in front of me.
Other goals: Getting things checked off the list of stuff we need

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