Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christmas 2012

Here's the pictures from Christmas. Yes, I know that was over two months ago but I've honestly been way too tired to post anything lately. Sleep has been nonexistent between getting up to go to the bathroom and having some interesting/disturbing dreams.

Coming out to see the presents
 Checking out his new gun safe Chris made

 Fast forward to Nana's house. Carver got to deliver everyone's stockings in his trike and trailer from his tractor. He thought it was pretty cool!
 Looking at pictures on Uncle Jake's phone
 Checking to see if his nipples were still there. We couldn't stop laughing at him!
 Doing playing card flash cards with Nana. He did a lot better than we thought and he was getting the J, Q, K and A too!
 Love this guy like a  brother!

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