Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's A...

It's a GIRL!!!
 Introducing... McKay Anona Garland
My great-grandma's name was Ruth Anona and my middle name is Ruth. I love that we will share that.

We started the day by picking up my friend Hannah because she is visiting from Ireland! We picked her up from the ferry in Port Orchard. We took her by Carver's school and made a Starbucks run (the closest one is 2hrs away from where she lives) and then went to the doctor's office. Chris met us there since he was busy with work.

Hannah sat with Carver in the waiting room while we were in with the technician. The first thing she looked for was the sex and we were both really surprised that it's a girl. I had been telling myself that since I had been feeling like it was a girl that it must be a boy since that's how it was with both the boys. And let me tell you, it was very obvious that she is a girl!

After we got that out of the way, the tech looked over everything in detail. Baby was transverse (sitting sideways in my belly) which isn't the easiest to get shots but baby girl was constantly moving around and we saw her sucking her hand, yawning and hiccuping. :)

After we were done in there, we came out to the waiting room and told Hannah and Carver and showed them the pictures. I took Carver into the bathroom, since we were heading to Ellensburg from there, and he burst into tears! :( He so wanted it to be a boy. It took awhile to calm him down but he is over the moon in love with the idea of having a little sister. 

Chris probably took the longest to become ok with the idea of a girl, but he made the point that it was similar to when we found out Carver was a boy. It took me a couple more days to be ok with it than it did with Chris. So on Valentines' Day, Carver and I decided to go to Target and find McKay an outfit that would help Chris realize that girls aren't all princess / ballet / pink. We found this outfit and it was perfect. The onesie says "Daddys little girl" on it and Chris loved it. :) Carver really wanted to pick something out for McKay and he found some headbands that he thought she'd like.

I love how much Carver loves this baby!! He'll come up to my bell and give it hugs and kisses and say "Hello Mee-Kay! Where are you?" 

And that's where I leave you. I'll be 21 weeks in the morning.


  1. yahooooooo!!! A GIRL!!! you are going to have so much fun dressing her! Don't forget to remind Chris that there is super cute pink camo gear!

  2. I am so happy for you! I love her name! Little girls are so much fun! I'll continue to pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy for you!



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