Sunday, July 15, 2012

The First Six

Here's our chicken coop and and introduction to the first set of chickens we got. I still haven't taken any pictures of the second set but am planning on taking some today (hopefully).

Here's the whole coop. Chris gives you a frame of reference of how big it actually is. He did everything by himself (except he had some help lifting the trusses into place) and I'm so proud of him!!!

 A peek at the inside. We can add more nesting boxes to the shelf that's cluttered, and we probably will since we have 16 chickens now. The white strip is a board so that they can perch.
 Chris even thought to give them a little ladder to climb up on. Since these pictures were taken, Chris cut a whole above the ladder to the outside, and put a long ramp so they can come in and out of the coop.
 The original six
 Happy Feet (he was pure black with a white butt when he was little)
 Dizzy (as in the cement mixer on Bob the Builder)
 Curious George
 Dale (when he was little, he had a racing stripe going down his back like a chipmunk... but black)
 Chip and Dale, letting me know what they think about me taking pictures of them.
 Starting to nest

We love having chickens, even though they aren't old enough to lay eggs yet. They've become a part of the family and are so much fun to take care of. :)

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