Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm still here! Don't worry! There's been a lot of not a lot going on lately, so let's see what we've actually done.

Noah turned 4 months. This one was really hard on me for some reason. I don't really know why but I got a little down for awhile (nothing alarming).

The boys went crabbing a few times and came back with some super yummy dungeoness crab. The only way to eat crab is just out of the water and into the pot.

My best friend, Amanda, had her baby boy. His name is Maximus Gunner and they're calling him Max. Mommyhood seems to agree with Amanda so far and I can't wait to meet the little man. :)

On July 28th we (sort of) participated in a walk for CareNet. They are raising money to buy ultrasound machines for their facilities. We signed up for the 5k walk not knowing what Carver would be willing to do. We got there, checked in, got our shirts and sat down to wait until we were supposed to start. We ran into some friends from church that had just finished the 10k run and ended up talking past our start time. That turned out to be good because Chris's knees were hurting and he didn't think he'd even be able to do the walk. So we packed it up and came home. We felt lazy but CareNet still got our donation so the walk was just for fun.

It was super nice for a week or so, so we were in the pool and playing outside for a majority of that time.

We've "lost" one of the baby chicks. Shhh, Carver doesn't know. We leave them out to free range during the day and Chris didn't put them away when we went to his parents for dinner one night. We came home and there were only 9 babies. :( And we just noticed that one of the babies has a big scab on the back of his head where it looks like he's being picked on. Poor guy! Hopefully he learns to stand up for himself soon.

Not much else has gone on that I can remember.

This weekend my dad is getting married in Portland so we'll be down there all weekend for that.

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