Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wow and Chicks

Carver has taken on an alternate personality. He becomes a cat named Wow. When he's Wow, we have to address him as such. It's been pretty entertaining but can be annoying at times too.

We got some chicks a few days ago. On Saturday we got four - Happy Feet (black with a white butt), Curious George (brown/orange), Chip (brown with stripe like a chipmunk) and Goofy (white/blond). Chris set up a tank & heat lamp for them in the shop. They are all different kinds so they will lay different colored eggs which will be fun. We'll have to wait about 6 months for eggs but Carver is over the moon with excitement! I wish I'd gotten the expression on his face that first day. He kept saying that we had 6 chicks so the next day Chris picked up two more - Dale (black with stripe, like Chip) and Dizzy (a little darker than Goofy but not as dark as Curious George). Curious George has an issue with his eye (it gets stuck shut) so Chris picked up some ointment for him. The lady at the feed store thought it was funny that we got a $30 ointment for a $3 chick but we're not going to exchange him just because of a little eye issue. It seems to be getting better now. Chris and I have been designing a coop that will work for them. It has to be covered so the hawks/eagles/etc won't get them. I have one that I like but it'll depend on if Chris can build it. ;)

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