Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making a little progress

Figured I should do an update on the progress I/we have been making.

My mom found a funeral home in Tacoma that does a lot of babies and they will do the cremation for FREE!!! That is a HUGE weight off of our shoulders. They have a few urns that we can pick from or they will give us a credit to pick out one that we want. I feel so much free-er now that that we found this out. My mom still needs to give me all the information but I am pretty confident that we will go with them.

I FINALLY started packing the hospital bag this morning. I've got Chris and me packed (well, as much as I can think of that we'll need) and most of what we'll need for Noah. There's, of course, things that won't be able to be packed until it's actually time to go to the hospital (ie. hair brush, toothbrushes, camera, etc) but I have a list of those in the bathroom so we won't forget them.

Now for the comedic portion of this post...
Last Sunday, Chris and I decided to have a date night and do dinner and a movie. We dropped Carver off at Chris's parents and headed to Tacoma to go to Outback. The food was yummy but we were on a time frame so we could get to the movie on time. I had gotten two tickets to One For the Money on Groupon for $12 TOTAL so that's what we were going to see. Since it was in it's 3rd week in theaters, there are only a few theaters that still have it. So we went to the one that we thought it was at and... we were at the wrong theater. So we rush to the right theater (me with a FULL bladder!) and we get up to the front of the line (already 3min into the movie) and they say that the movie is sold out and the next showing is at 10:30pm. WAY too late for me. I was soooo disappointed! This was the second time that we had tried to see this movie. We tried in Ellensburg and I had printed the wrong paper. The really sad thing is that the last time we'd seen a movie in the theaters was when I was pregnant with Carver!!!!

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