Saturday, October 24, 2009

4 month check up

Carver had his 4 month check up with the doctor yesterday. He weighs 11lb 5oz! and is 25in long. This puts him in the 3-5% for his weight and the 50% for length. These are the same percentiles that he's been in since birth. The doctor said that as long as he's consistently growing with the chart and doesn't drop off, there's nothing to worry about. Carver got his 4mo vaccines - 5 in all. There was an oral and two shots. Carver was such a trooper and only fussed for a couple seconds. He fussed a few times throughout the day when he remembered that his thighs hurt from the shots. So when he goes in for his 6mo shots I'll give him some Tylenol before we go.

That's all for now. Chris and Jake are hunting right now so I may post later if they come home with something.

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