Monday, June 17, 2013

38 weeks and our challenge

I turned 38wks yesterday and am officially done being pregnant... hence the 'challenge' which I'll get to in a second. Here's the stats for this week.  Sorry there's no picture. I'll try to take one tonight or tomorrow.

Due Date: June 30, 2013

Weight Gain: I lost a pound between the two previous appts but gained it back last week. So I'm still at 30lbs
Symptoms:Uncomfortable, tired
What's different this time: Everything!
Cravings: fro-yo still and fruit
Aversions: meat and cooked peppers
Sleep: Pretty good for being this big.
I am loving: Chris and Carver putting lotion on my belly. They both love to do it and it keeps my belly from itching... a little
I miss: being able to bend down
I am looking forward to: getting this girl out!
I'm spazzing about: being almost done! 
Best thing about this week: Getting a pedicure last night :)
Milestones:Being full term
Movement:  It's starting to slow down a little bit. She's running out of room.
It's a...: Girl!!!
Exercise: lots this last weekend!!
Diet: fruit when i can get them. 
Other goals: get this girl out!

The Challenge:
So after my last appointment on Friday we decided that this baby needed to come out this weekend. So here's what we did:

Friday: After Chris got off work, we went to Fro-Yo and then walked through every aisle of Target. Then we went to El Pueblito for dinner (yum!) and walked the harbor. That walk was cut short when we were on the new dock by the Tides and Chris lifted Carver up to look in the water and Carver's flip flop fell into the water. His favorite flip flop. So Chris climbed down to the beach and waded waist deep into the water to get it back. That cut the walk short since Chris was soaked.

Saturday: We met a friend at the park because she had a present for McKay and wanted to get it to us before McKay came. We got there early so while we waited the boys played on the football field and I did the bleachers. Then we headed to the zoo for more walking. It was a perfect mid-70's weekend so it was great being outside. I had a couple isolated contractions while we were there but nothing concrete. After we left there we ran to Michaels and Safeway and then home.

Sunday: After church we went to the park again. My legs were too tired to do the bleachers so I walked around the outside of the football field until the boys lost the football we brought. So then we went to the mall to do some air-conditioned walking. :) I had a pedicure appointment so we walked until that. I also got some new red Toms. :) After my appointment, where Michelle worked on my pressure points a lot, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I'd heard that Eggplant Parmesan can put you into labor so I had that.

Monday: Today I kept it pretty low-key considering all we did over the weekend. Carver and I went to Michaels and Kohls and I had the leftovers of last night's dinner. Oh, and whenever we've been home, I've been bouncing on my exercise ball.

Who knows if any of this is having any effect but it's worth a try. I've actually had more braxton hicks today than I have over the whole pregnancy. Chris really thought I'd go into labor on Friday so he's a little disappointed.  When it does come time to go to the hospital, I'll try to do a quick post from my phone.

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