Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pregnancy to date

So I figured I should probably catch everyone up on what's been going on, pregnancy-wise, for the last 14 weeks. I have a couple pictures but, honestly, I haven't unpacked from Christmas so my camera is still packed away.

I found out I was pregnant on October 21st... the same date I found out I was pregnant with Carver. This was the Monday before I went on a Moms weekend with my Moms group from church. I did really good and only told one person that weekend. I had to lie to everyone and it wasn't the easiest thing to do.

Things were pretty easy the first few weeks. Then the nausea set in, and boy was that not fun. I don't remember ever being this nauseous with either of the boys. I was also super tired but part of that was that Carver wasn't sleeping very well. Funny thing about this time, salt didn't cure the nausea. It actually made it worse. So the Cheez-its with Carver and the goldfish with Noah weren't going to cut it. Then I found almonds, the kind for baking that don't have salt. Those were magic, except they are a lot more fattening than goldfish so I gained 3lb between my first two doctor appointments!

As the weeks went on, it got increasingly harder and harder to hide my belly. I really popped two days before the 12wk ultrasound which was perfect timing. By then a couple other people in town and a bunch of people out of town knew. To be honest, I had a really hard time telling people. I didn't want to get my hopes up and I was really scared that something would go wrong. I wasn't enjoying being pregnant which was totally different than the other two times at that point. Some of that changed the appointment we had the first ultrasound. We had the ultrasound and saw the heartbeat and the baby was measuring a coupe weeks behind (6wk instead of 8wk). As I was sitting up, my Dr asked if he could pray over the baby. I had no problem agreeing to that! So he got his holy water and put his hand on my baby and prayed over the baby and the pregnancy. I don't know if it was someone actually praying over the pregnancy or that he was praying about everything that I had anxiety and fear over but I walked away from that appointment with a lot more peace.

Even after all that, we still walked into the 12 week ultrasound with a lot of apprehension. Obviously, the first thing we asked the technician to look at was the head. And glory be, there was a full dome!!! That eased a lot of anxiety from us. I don't remember if it was the same technician as with Noah but she seemed familiar and we told her about Noah. So as she was checking everything she needed to check, she just kept saying everything looks perfect. We'll get the genetic testing results tomorrow so that will clear up some more anxiety but I feel like a big weight has been lifted with that ultrasound.

Oh! I guess I should mention that the Wed before Thanksgiving (so I would've been 8-10wks, we didn't have concrete dates yet) I started spotting. We ended up going to the ER in Ellensburg and had everything checked out. Everything that they saw looked good, my HcG levels were good and the heartbeat was strong. While they were checking the heartbeat I actually felt the baby move! I've felt it off and on since then but not recently. I think that's because it's getting higher to where my extra skin from Noah is. Lovely, I know. Anyways, the spotting was off an on until my next Dr appt (that next Tuesday - the one where he prayed over me). That was one of the things that my Dr prayed for - that the spotting would stop. After it stopped I came to the conclusion that I only spotted in the morning when I woke up and it was after I'd been laying on my left side. When I was in the ER we learned that the baby implanted on my right side so I'm assuming that laying on my left side had gravity pulling it down. This is just my own idea but it makes sense to me. I get nauseous when I lay on my left side anyways, but the night we went to the ER I had been laying in bed with Carver trying to get him to sleep so I was on my left side for probably 45min. But it's all over now and am glad to have that little scare out of the way.

That pretty much brings us to today. I'm 14wks 4 days today and I feel A LOT better! I still get nauseous when I'm hungry and I'm still tired but it's not nearly as much as it was before. I don't need to carry almonds with me which has been great! When I get unpacked and more settled back into daily life, I'll post some pictures. I've had to start taking pictures earlier since I'm showing so early. :)

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  1. I'm so happy for you! I'll continue praying for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy. I'm glad everything turned out well after your scares.



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