Sunday, January 20, 2013

17 weeks now!!

I'm officially 17 weeks today and I'm finally feeling the baby! I got worried for awhile since I felt both the boys at 13wks but had to remind myself that every pregnancy is different and I have a little extra skin, courtesy of Noah, right where the baby is right now.

Here's a horrible picture at 10 weeks.
 And here's me today.
I feel huge! But I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet and will probably stall on that as long as possible. The main thing is that I don't have any warm zip up jackets that actually zip right now so that's been frustrating. 

Let's see... I'm feeling pretty good and only get tired if we've been doing a lot. I have my second blood draw for the genetic testing tomorrow and then we'll get the results on the 31st. We should have our 20wk ultrasound and the big gender reveal about two weeks after that. I honestly don't care either way what the sex is. Chris and Carver both think it's a boy and Chris has been right both times so we'll see. It could be that he just wants another boy. haha

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