Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoo trip with Nana 8.21.11

Mom went shopping with her sisters and my grandma the day before so we decided to go to the zoo and have dinner at Red Robin on that sunday. Carver LOVES the zoo. haha It was great to see Carver show Nana all the animals.

We always start out with the sharks and aquarium animals.
Checking out the big sharks and fish.

It was so hot out that the elephants were throwing dust onto their backs. Then she went around that berm to the left and there was another opening and she came right up the the fence. Carver was IN LOVE!!!

I couldn't get a good picture of the monkeys but they always come right up to the glass. This one hung right in front of the glass so that people could get a picture of him. Then he jumped into the hammock.

That's about it. :) We had fun.

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