Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo-Zoo-Zoo. How about You-You-You?

Ummm.... wow. I didn't realize it's been this long between posts. Sorry. :( We've just been chugging along. The farmers market has been keeping me pretty busy.

Carver got a zoo pass for his birthday so we decided to go (on July 24th) since summer has finally started to show it's beautiful face. :) I always feel weird taking pictures at the zoo so here's the few that I got.



We did the kid area at the end and all Carver really wanted to do was the slide. First time down, he was with Chris and it was great. The second time, Chris decided to let him go by himself and the slide was too hot for his little legs. :(

I have a couple other things to post on but that'll have to be later. Carver's commanding my attention. haha

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